Archi-Bottle Award Update

sauvignon blanc

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that I’ve taken the Cake Wines 2013 Archi-Bottle Award & my art will be featured on their Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc wine variety from today! Big thanks go out to the team at Cake Wines – a fantastic experience being part of the show and having work side by side with some amazing talent. Looking forward to having a few (glasses).

Cake Wines2013 Archi-Bottle Awardにて今年のグランプリに選ばれました!!
毎年開催されるArchi-Bottle Awardの優勝者には、Cake Winesカンパニー(オーストラリアシドニー)よりワインとして商品化されています。

「Nothing Sacred」が選ばれました!!

Cake Wines

Archi-Bottle 2013


I’m very proud to announce that my entry into the Cake Wines 2013 Archi-Bottle Award has made the finalist shortlist, and will be on show in Sydney this coming Friday the 18th! Cake Wines hold the competition every year in collaboration with Australian artists, choosing one of the 30 finalist’s artwork for the labeling of the newest wine in their range. For more info on the opening and to view the other 30 finalists, visit the cake wines facebook page here.