Limited Edition Prints

Whoop! I’ve produced some limited edition prints working in collaboration with Dormilona and Onstone to round out another year.

Each one is printed on a ceramic substrate, and framed with up-cycled wood sourced and assembled in Victoria, Australia by Onstone.

So if you’re keen to grab one, just visit the Dormilona site, strictly limited numbers of these 21 x 21cm pieces area available.

Show me!


Had some good times with Uncle Friendly working on a robot illustration for Optus’ latest TV spot for the iPhone11. You can check out the 1 minute directors cut of the ad above, and the rest of Uncle Friendly’s portfolio on his Vimeo here.

And here is the final artwork for your viewing pleasure. And yep. That’s a stackhat 80’s kiddos.


Local Yokel

Yokel - Dormilona Wines

My friends at Dormilona recently asked me to help out with their latest project – Yokel. Which is sourcing grapes from the Swan Valley region north-east of Perth.

With a new line up of juicy grenache, verdohlo, rose and a pet nat, it’s also helping preserve the local flora and fauna – and it’s why I was commissioned to come up with their new dapper turtle mascot.

For every bottle on Yokel wine sold, $1 will go back to the preserving and rehabilitating the local environment and contributing to a breeding project for the Western Swamp Tortoise – a native to the region – which has come under threat from agricultural development over the years.

So, enjoy the wine, and know that you’re helping protect this endangered species, too!

Get more info at the Dormilona site

The All Story

Incantation Of The Banksia Men - Sean Edward Whelan

Incantation of the Banksia Men
Synthetic polymer and gouache on board
40 x 40cm


It’s been great to be part of the inaugural group exhibition at the new gallery and bookstore, The All Story , Newcastle NSW this month.

From the site –  Southerns is an exhibition that draws our mythic past into our present day. Over 30 local and international artists have been invited to reimagine a fictional Australian character or story.  While some artists celebrate the cultural impact of films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock and television shows such as Round The Twist, others reflect on changing social views with modern readings of the work of May Gibbs and other canonised authors.This show aims to entertain, provoke, and provide new ways of seeing your old favourites: from film and literature to urban legends.

My piece, Incantation of the Banksia Men is based on the antagonists from the May Gibbs classic mentioned above, and diverges from the descriptions and illustrations in the book. I took my inspiration from the very first of May Gibb’s books, which is considered a classic. What I found interesting about the infamous Banksia Men in the story was the way they were described as inherently evil. Framed as scheming kidnappers, their motives where never revealed, and I thought this was something that needed to be investigated in my painting.

New Dormilona Website

Dormilona Website 2019


Dormilona are marking 5 years with a new site, which I’ve been commissioned to illustrate, from top to bottom!

Check it out here

Dormilona 2019

Dormilona Label 2019

The new vintage is out, and with the new vintage I’ve been commissioned to do a new label. It was a toss up between a desert backdrop and a snowy onsen. But Seen as though it was winter when I was doing this one, I guess I preferred the hot bath, and so did Dormilona.

Once Upon a Time – Procreate


Super happy to share this piece I’ve been working on for the last few weeks with Savage Interactive, for the latest release of Procreate. The new version has full type and font support and I was invited to give the new tools a whirl. This is what I came up with. 🐴💥⚔️💥🐲

本日リリース Procreate new バージョン4.3。文字の入力が新しく追加されたツールを使って完成した 僕の作品とプロクリエイト製作会社 Savage Interactive とのコラボレーションが実現しました!

New Work – Morrigan


Synthetic polymer on canvas
100 x 70cm


Here is a piece I was commissioned to paint last year for a family’s first born baby girl.
I could have cracked out the watercolours and done a weird baby portrait, but that would have a been a bit shit.

Instead, I tried my hand at a shaped canvas and imagined her as the ‘phantom queen’ Morrigan – the Goddess of war, destiny, fate and death from old Irish mythology. Yes, much better.
Hope she grows up to be just as awesome.