Archi-Bottle 2013


I’m very proud to announce that my entry into the Cake Wines 2013 Archi-Bottle Award has made the finalist shortlist, and will be on show in Sydney this coming Friday the 18th! Cake Wines hold the competition every year in collaboration with Australian artists, choosing one of the 30 finalist’s artwork for the labeling of the newest wine in their range. For more info on the opening and to view the other 30 finalists, visit the cake wines facebook page here.

Playing Statues…

playing statues install

Thanks to everyone who could make it to “Playing Statues” last month, the show was a great success and I couldn’t be happier with how everything panned out. Also a huge thanks to Cake Wines , Blackartprojects,  and Illuminate that handled the venue, logistics & presentation, looking forward to the next one sometime in the future. Cheers!

For a wrap of the festivities at Cake Wines Pop-up in Fitzroy, Melbourne last month –> video here

Blackartprojects & Cake Wines present…

playing statues

83 Kerr Street
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

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Art on Paper: Hazelhurst Art Award 2013 Update

Congratulations to Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, winner of the Hazelhurst Art Award 2013. Her winning entry, titled as the sky falls through five fingers #131 took the top prize this year; and artists, Gregory Hodge and Michelle Cawthorn took the Emerging Artist prize and and Local Artist prize respectably. The show will continue until August 25 when the People’s Choice Award will be announced, so if you are in the Sydney area, be sure to see the biggest collection of artworks the Hazelhurst Art Award has had so far. More information on the website.

Tradition Gave Me a Funny Feeling
Pencil on Paper

I’m very proud to announce that my piece “Tradition Gave Me A Funny Feeling” has made the shortlist for the Art on Paper: Hazelhurst Art Award 2013. The exhibition opens July 6th and runs until August 25th.

Conditions of entry were that the art be made of, on or about paper, and of the 750 entries 96 were chosen to be included in the exhibition. It’s very exciting to have made the shortlist and have my artwork displayed beside some of Australia’s finest contemporary artists. Winners of the competition will be announced early next week.

My artwork will also be available – for any inquiries please contact Hazelhurst through their website

7月6日から開催されるシドニーのHazelhurst Gallery アートアワード 2013 (Art on Paper) 出展作品「伝統から受け取る奇妙な感情」が、最終選考に選ばれました!同アワードでは、750人の応募があり、選ばれた96名のアート作品が Hazelhurst Gallery にて8月25日まで展示されます。グランプリ、各受賞者の発表は、いよいよ来週です!

Nothing Sacred…

And here it is (a teaser anyway). Very happy with the way it’s come out.  “Nothing Sacred”, piece number 3 for my solo show later this year. Check back soon for more updates

Things are coming along…

Here is my third piece for my show later this year. I’ve been working with sumi (Japanese ink) to do the base shadows and textures and I’m having a great time with it. Watering it down and working in layers, you can get perfectly smooth gradients or detailed textures with little effort at all. The finish is perfectly smooth too. Having worked almost exclusively with pencil for years now, it’s been great learning something new and taking my work in a new direction with a new medium.
After I finish the base layer in ink, I’ll move onto filling it in with watercolour. I’ve found a bit of the contrast gets lost with certain colours, especially the earthy tones, so coming back with the ink on top of the watercolor is necessary. The effect though, as you can see in the rocks in the bottom is really interesting. Here is one more photo of the last piece I did in progress.

Now Available!

2 new pieces (Reconstruction Theory & Floating Guardian) are now available at Signed & Numbered fine art print store in Melbourne, Australia. Printed on Arches Digital, 100% cotton textured paper, each Giclée is individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition of 15. Available in store or online, each Giclée print comes with a certificate of authenticity and framing options, starting at $70au.

本日より、オーストラリア メルボルンのアートストアーにて作品販売が始まりました。2作品限定各15枚・シリアルナンバー・直筆サイン・証明書付き。ジークレープリント・テクス チャードファインアート紙(コットン100%)AU$70.00 (日本円価格7,150)オンラインストアーは、こちら Signed & Numbered.

New Work in Progress…

Later this year I’ll be back in Australia for a solo show. In the meantime, I’m pretty busy getting myself and a body of work together. You can watch me on Instagram or Twitter @seanedwhelan

or click on this –> Instagram  to go straight to the feed.

今年、9月上旬メルボルンにて個展が決まりました!これから猛スピード&一生懸命作品達を生み出します!Instagramにて完成までのプロセスをUPしていきます。良かったらフォロー宜しくお願いします!Instagram or Twitterアカウント @seanedwhelan

New Work & Group Show

「サンキューアートin妙高2013」2月23日(土)〜3月26日(水)13:00〜18:00 木金お休み 会場・実験空間スタジオゼロ新潟県妙高市朝日町1−1−10 新井駅より徒歩3分 電話・0255−72−2554 毎年開催されているアートのお祭り週間です。ショーンの作品2点展示販売しています。是非、足を運んでみてください。

New work is starting to trickle out –  big plans for the next 6 months and a shift in direction, ever so slightly. In the meantime, there is a group show in the next town over, for anyone local. Studio Zero in Myoko city have their annual 39 show, with all local artists and craft-peoples and there are some interesting pieces this year, so if you have time, pop in have a look and say hello to Tojo Sensei.

Happy New Year…

Season’s greetings – Thanks for all the support over 2012. I’ll be back after a (brief) holiday with new works, group show announcements and dates for my next solo. And 2013 is year of the snake!