Things are coming along…

Here is my third piece for my show later this year. I’ve been working with sumi (Japanese ink) to do the base shadows and textures and I’m having a great time with it. Watering it down and working in layers, you can get perfectly smooth gradients or detailed textures with little effort at all. The finish is perfectly smooth too. Having worked almost exclusively with pencil for years now, it’s been great learning something new and taking my work in a new direction with a new medium.
After I finish the base layer in ink, I’ll move onto filling it in with watercolour. I’ve found a bit of the contrast gets lost with certain colours, especially the earthy tones, so coming back with the ink on top of the watercolor is necessary. The effect though, as you can see in the rocks in the bottom is really interesting. Here is one more photo of the last piece I did in progress.

Now Available!

2 new pieces (Reconstruction Theory & Floating Guardian) are now available at Signed & Numbered fine art print store in Melbourne, Australia. Printed on Arches Digital, 100% cotton textured paper, each Giclée is individually signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition of 15. Available in store or online, each Giclée print comes with a certificate of authenticity and framing options, starting at $70au.

本日より、オーストラリア メルボルンのアートストアーにて作品販売が始まりました。2作品限定各15枚・シリアルナンバー・直筆サイン・証明書付き。ジークレープリント・テクス チャードファインアート紙(コットン100%)AU$70.00 (日本円価格7,150)オンラインストアーは、こちら Signed & Numbered.

New Work in Progress…

Later this year I’ll be back in Australia for a solo show. In the meantime, I’m pretty busy getting myself and a body of work together. You can watch me on Instagram or Twitter @seanedwhelan

or click on this –> Instagram  to go straight to the feed.

今年、9月上旬メルボルンにて個展が決まりました!これから猛スピード&一生懸命作品達を生み出します!Instagramにて完成までのプロセスをUPしていきます。良かったらフォロー宜しくお願いします!Instagram or Twitterアカウント @seanedwhelan

New Work & Group Show

「サンキューアートin妙高2013」2月23日(土)〜3月26日(水)13:00〜18:00 木金お休み 会場・実験空間スタジオゼロ新潟県妙高市朝日町1−1−10 新井駅より徒歩3分 電話・0255−72−2554 毎年開催されているアートのお祭り週間です。ショーンの作品2点展示販売しています。是非、足を運んでみてください。

New work is starting to trickle out –  big plans for the next 6 months and a shift in direction, ever so slightly. In the meantime, there is a group show in the next town over, for anyone local. Studio Zero in Myoko city have their annual 39 show, with all local artists and craft-peoples and there are some interesting pieces this year, so if you have time, pop in have a look and say hello to Tojo Sensei.

Happy New Year…

Season’s greetings – Thanks for all the support over 2012. I’ll be back after a (brief) holiday with new works, group show announcements and dates for my next solo. And 2013 is year of the snake!

End of The World Update…

Photos from Compound Gallery’s End of The World opening are up – click through to see pictures from the opening night, and if you’re in the area, be sure to see the work for yourself.

Runs till December 30th.

End of the World…

I will have 2 new drawings in End of the World – Thursday December 6th-30th, at Compound Gallery, Portland Oregon. If you’re close by, be sure to drop in Thursday night for the opening party. 

Above: Fractured Buildings, 34cm x 24cm, pencil on paper, 2012.

“100 Houses” Update…

The “100 Houses” is finished, but the work has moved online. If you missed the show, or are keen to pick up a piece – the online store will be up until the end of December. Big thanks to Paul, for putting on the show and organizing everything and everybody who made the trip out to the Old Tobacco Factory to check it out. Cheers!

100 Houses…

‘100 Houses’ brings together 100 national and international image-makers from illustrators to street artists in support of housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

Given the theme of “house” each artist has produced a unique piece of artwork specifically for this exhibition, to launch at the vibrant, South Bristol Cafe/Bar, Tobacco Factory in November. Sales from the 100 original pieces of artwork hope to generate a significant contribution to the ongoing work of the charity Shelter in its work to help people find and keep a decent home.

New works from artists such as Ferris Plock, Gemma Correll, Kelly Tunstall, members of the Brothers of the Stripe, Inky Goodness and Bristol collective Drawn in Bristol are all part of the exhibition which opens November 16th 8pm – Midnight and will be up until November 30th.

Curator, Paul Roberts, reveals, “After hosting a group show last year, supporting ‘The Woodland Trust’, I wanted to go bigger and see what would happen if I attempted to pull together 100 artists to make a difference with their art. I’ve been blown away by the artwork being sent to me from near and far – each piece is the same 10-inch square size, in order fit all the artwork into the Tobacco Factory. It’s so inspiring that such a wide body of recognized and up-and-coming talent have really pulled out all the stops for this show.”

The line up includes new work from:
Abbie Parry | Alexia Tucker | Ben Javens | Bill Giles | Boots | Bo Silvestre | Boswell | Chris Woodward | Claire Shorrock | Craig Earp | Daniel van der Noon | Dave Bain | Dave Tic | David Blatch | David Shillinglaw | Dawn Cooper | Deth P Sun | Dom Williams | Drawn to Play | Everly Dark | Ferris Plock | Gemma Correll | Squirl | Gwen Millward | Henry St Leger | Jack Teagle | Jemma Bursnell | Jenny MacKendrick | Joe Rogers| John Pound | Jon Boam | Joseph Blakey | Josh Owen | Katy Christianson | Kelly Tunstall | Kill Taupe | Kristyna Baczynski | Laura Wady | Laurie Stansfield | Lee Crutchley | Liam Barratt | Lina Lofstrand | Lisa Hassell | Lizz Lunney | Loch Ness | Log Roper | Louisa Woodworth | Louise Cunningham | Louise French | Marc Johns | Martha Ford | Martin Butler | Mason Dickerson | Matt ‘Lunartik’ Jones | Mererid Hâf | Michael Sieben | Michelle Turton | Mike Hale | Mildred | Mr Draws | Mr Kobo | Mister Millerchip | Mr The Beef | Mr Wigz |  Muxxi | Natalie Hughes | Nathan Chan | Neil Ennui | Owen Davey | Paul Roberts | Peskimo | Rachel Falber | Ryan Bubnis | Sage Perrott | Sandra Dieckmann | Sarah Ray | Sean Whelan | Seb Burnett | Si Peplow | Simon David Mills | Slumber | Splendidhand | SPZero76 | Steven Silverwood | Stina Jones | Tilly Wright | Tim Maclean | Tim Miness | Tim Ulewicz | Tom Hope | Will Harding | And more…

‘100 Houses’ Opening Night
November 16th
8pm – midnight
feat. DJs Pencilface & Waxmouse.

‘100 Houses’ Exhibition*
November 17th – 30th
The Tobacco Factory
Raleigh Rd
Bristol, BS3 1TF

Mon – Thurs 12pm – 11pm, Fri – Sat 12pm – 12am and Sun 10am – 11pm


Contact info:
Paul Roberts 07970 072366

*Work will be available through the website in an online shop from December 1st for one month only. Any enquiries about work prior to that please contact Paul at

Domy Books presents…

Monster Show 7!

Domy Books (Austin) is holding their monster show once again this year, calling on artists locally and internationally to submit- So check out their website and invitation here, and if you’re in the area be sure to pop in for opening night. This event is the one time in the year I can kick back a bit and have some fun. I’ve always had a soft spot for Kaijyu and old Japanese ghost stories – Here’s a little peek on what I’ll be showing. (Yes, appliances with legs).

(“Gargoyle”Invitation art by Aidan Koch)