Untitled / Choreography

pencil on paper
110cm x 75cm





It’s finished! This is the biggest piece I’ve drawn up until this point and probably the most dizzying in terms of detail – if I counted how many buildings and structures and objects that made up the figures it would be close to a thousand at least. It’s literally been sucking my life away for about 3 months, but after 2 weeks of late nights I think it’s more or less done.

In the coming weeks I’ll be heading back to Australia to negotiate some framing and display options with a gallery hopefully. It would much better to see it in person. So I’ll update when I know.

Makoto Aida, a Japanese conceptual artist I like said of one of his enormous, white canvas pieces “It’s just like watering a desert” as he built up mountains of businessmen, office telephones and computers to create giant mountains of ash. He’s still working on that one I think. I’m taking a break.

mini series…

In prep for the large work I just completed, I made 3 miniature versions on wood backed paper. Here is the series – each a slightly different size (around 20cm x 20cm), but they line up like this for presentation. I was inspired by those decorative screen doors that separate rooms; traditionally adorned with scenes of nature and such. They are often used in contemporary Japanese art too, so I made my own portable, miniature version to cordon off parts of my desk. They haven’t got titles, but they all have some absurdity about them – like choreographed back dancing on the TV. All silly gesturing and posing. That’s too long for a title, but that was part of the idea.


Maurice Sendak…

June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012