Project Updates



After about a month of late nights – I’ve finally got the comic off to the printers for this year’s

Hungry Workshop in Melbourne are handling the production, and I’m looking forward to how it shapes up.

Printing starts really soon and right after that will be in the hands of everyone that subscribed this year. It’s been fun, but damn hard work putting it together – I’ve learned a heap about everything that goes into producing them and have a new appreciation – hats off to all the writers, pencilers, inkers and colourists out there. Truly amazing art form.



Hey. So here is a picture I drew a while back. If you have visited my Flickr before, you may have noticed it, but for the hell of it I have decided to upload it again and offer anybody a free copy if they want one. Give this link a click and send me an email and your address and I will get back to you AZAP. There are only 10 left (as folks round here have been snapping them up) so click quick to avoid disappointment.