day trip!..

What started out as a day away from the normality/banality/humdrum of my home town turned into an exciting experience shared with an old friend in Kanazawa over the weekend. We visited the ‘ninjadera’ (and despite the absence of any mysterious fellows in black, it had it’s fair share of traps and secret passages), the magnificent ‘kenrokuen’ garden knee deep in snow, literally a stones throw from Kanazawa castle, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, which included a stroll around the streets in search of Slant, a well hidden gallery currently displaying some pretty grimey (and according the to the curator/owner) honest zine culture. Pictures of kenrokuen are in the instants on my flickr, and here are links to 21 and the Slant gallery. As always, Kanazawa gave me a refreshing kick in the arse and with a bit of time I might actually finish some of the work that’s been lying around. In the meantime – and I don’t suggest waiting attentively, check out Peter Mcdonald’s (aptly named) Visitor show at 21 and get into his head space. I had a smile on my face the whole time.