New, News…

jinjya detail 3

Finished the shrines in space drawing today. Used a lot of black ink in this one. You can see the whole piece and some more detail shots here in the drawing gallery. Got some interesting effects using a white paint pen when touching up mistakes. The pigment is green. Peculiar, considering it’s black ink. Who knew there were so many colours in black…

神社の作品、完成しました〜 墨汁をたくさん使ってペイントしました。

New, Old news…


Today I took some photographs of a figure I made a few months back. You can find them here. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, I will have this one made in vinyl sometime this year. However, as I have found out, it’s a very costly exercise. I’m sure a lot of folks have probably already seen this one on my flickr’s a character from a series of kaijyu/heroes I made for an exhibition a while back. It kind of feels like I’m really flogging this one now, so I’m going to stop writing about it… but expect more figures soon. The designs can be seen here.


Muscle Pain continued…

Due to snow, postings are lean. Time is spent outside. Today was day 2 of snow shifting day. Two things came to mind during the course of today’s 3 hour effort. 1. Digging straight down into snow is just like digging your own grave. 2. Digging 2 metres straight down under the awnings of a roof precariously supporting approximately 1 tonne of snow is like writing your will and lying on the freeway at night.

Built to Spill, Bad weather and Muscle pain…

So it’s snowing here. Close to 2 metres in 48 hours. Couldn’t get to work yesterday cause the snow plough didn’t come through the back streets till around 7pm. So I spent the day outside with the neighbours, shovelling 3 tonne of fluffy white pain in the ass from every corner of the house and yard. After all that was said and done, got to listen to an album my sister recommended so long ago I can’t remember. (That’s what this post is really about). It’s superb, and I respect bands with beards. Wisdom like, beards. Even better with battery acid in your blood and the heater roasting your snap frozen extremities.

こちら豪雪です。48時間で2m積もりました。一日中白くて、綺麗な、雪と戦っています。雪かきの疲れを癒すのに、僕の妹が昔にすすめてくれたアルバムを聞きながらリラックスタイム。アルバムはBUILT TO SPILLの2001 Ancient Melodies of the Future. 結構いいよ〜。Click here.

New Work

teramachi detail

jinjya explosion detail

Here is some new stuff in progress. One in ink the other in pencil. Both are on nice thick watercolour paper about 45cmx60cm. For the pen and pencil geeks, I’m using 0.5 and 0.05 copic multi-liners and a .5 staedtler mechanical pencil (the 925 25-05 full metal body one with the etched grip oww!) By the way, anybody but me remember derwent coloured pencils?..



Ahhh. FFFFound. Stradton and Ann, if Stradton were a woman. This one goes out to you guys.

Kaijyu guts

As a fan of the soft vinyl toys, and casual collector,  it’s nice to get to know your monster, inside and out. Fortunately, there are books available that cater to the fanatic and curious. The art work is pretty damn neat to. Strictly Showa-era stuff here. For more, check out the book; (sadly a modern reproduction) here. In the meantime, Gamera! check this set of pipes. Of note: A 50,000 tonne grip, and  specially evolved bladders for holding fire, charcoal, petroleum and uranium!


Happy new year! あけましておめでとうございます!タスマニア人だからね。(わかるかな?)