Local Yokel

Yokel - Dormilona Wines

My friends at Dormilona recently asked me to help out with their latest project – Yokel. Which is sourcing grapes from the Swan Valley region north-east of Perth.

With a new line up of juicy grenache, verdohlo, rose and a pet nat, it’s also helping preserve the local flora and fauna – and it’s why I was commissioned to come up with their new dapper turtle mascot.

For every bottle on Yokel wine sold, $1 will go back to the preserving and rehabilitating the local environment and contributing to a breeding project for the Western Swamp Tortoise – a native to the region – which has come under threat from agricultural development over the years.

So, enjoy the wine, and know that you’re helping protect this endangered species, too!

Get more info at the Dormilona site